We Tried It: 10 Minute Solution's Butt Lift DVD

Written By Sun-Times Wire Posted: 12/10/2013, 02:53pm

With this DVD I discovered there are a lot of euphemisms that can be used to describe exercises for the gluteus maximus: rearview workout, booty boost, working for a booty that defies gravity.

Cute phrases aside, trainer Christine Bullock provides five very different short — but strenuous — workouts that’ll turn you into a believer that with the right exercises your behind doesn’t have to be heading south. Bullock is certified to teach Pilates, yoga, Barre and high-intensity interval training, so it’s no surprise she’s blended those moves into the workouts here.

Bullock does a good job of reminding that with these exercises form is important. She also tailors warmup and cool-down moves to each of the individual workouts.

I’m a big fan of DVDs that break workouts into short stints. They offer variety so boredom’s kept to a minimum. And they’re great for busy days when a trip to the gym’s not an option. With “Butt Lift” you could do the Cardio Booty Camp (ha, another pun) that’ll have you furiously squatting, jumping and lunging before work, take a 10-minute power walk during lunch, then come home to do the more mellow — but don’t confuse that with easy — ballet and Pilates moves in the Butt & Thighs workout, and your 30 minutes of recommended exercise for the day is done. —Sue Ontiveros

10 Minute Solution: Butt Lift

Time: 50 minutes

Suggested retail: $14.98

Words to live by: “Imagine those skinny jeans, filling them out in all the right places.”