Fake captions: Bears vs. Cowboys

Written By Sun-Times Wire Posted: 12/10/2013, 08:02pm

The right pictures + the wrong captions = good times

The Bears hammered the Cowboys Monday night, 45-28, at Soldier Field as Mike Ditka’s number and coach’s sweater were retired.

Let’s check out some fun photos from Soldier Field:

Josh McCown, Tony Romo

McCown: “Bro…she’s GONNA call.”
Romo: “I know…I know…”

Dallas Cowboys v Chicago Bears

Earl Bennett was deeply saddened after his touchdown when his three other teammates declined to join him by yelling “M-C-A, hey!”

Jason Garrett, James Hanna

“Coach…I know I’ve dropped a few balls and I’ve been hit pretty hard. But nothing would hit me harder than the thought of losing you…..will you marry me?”

Jay Cutler

(Inner voice) “What time can they start feeding Gizmo again? I mean, I know not after midnight. But when can he eat breakfast?”

Cowboys Bears Football

(Hushed tone) “Hey, hey….shhh, shut up for a second. So, I gotta get outta here early tonight. Speedwagon tickets.” (Whisper) “Do you think they’ll notice if I kinda slid out after the next drive??”

Dallas Cowboys v Chicago Bears

No one cared that Jermon was DVR’ing “Say Yes to the Dress” tonight and spoiled the whole episode.

Jay Cutler

(Inner voice) “What if Gizmo is in like California or something…their midnight is earl-LATER than ours. If they fed him out there at like 11:59, would he still make Gremlins?”

Tony Romo

Even his teammates don’t understand why Tony Romo interviews this football before each game.

Mike Ditka

Ditka: “Hey, pull over at this Citibank here…NO, not the Chase. I’m NOT paying ATM fees”

Tony Romo

Romo: “Ohhhh, heee’s the center. I’m good now, guys. Got it. Go back. Go back.”

Brandon Marshall

Marshall: “Donna, would you throw it down already??? Just drop it. Yes, now. I’m a professional receiver, I’ll catch it already. For crying out loud it’s a wallet, not a vase. It’s not going to break. I don’t have time to come back upstairs. I’m not doing this.”

Jay Cutler

(Inner voice) “If you can’t get Gizmo wet…..how does he drink water?”