Interactive graphic: Pro Football Focus rates Bears' defense, Cutler's performance

Written By Sun-Times Wire Posted: 12/16/2013, 06:02pm

Pro Football Focus, which nearly a third of the NFL subscribes to, has a complex grading process, looking at every player on every offensive, defensive and special-teams play. Plus or minus grades are given and are based around an average of 0, with each position graded slightly differently. If a player does something you normally would expect, then a score of 0 is given. Grades are given for plays that are reasonably considered to be better or worse than the average or expected play. For the final grade, player participation is factored in, using a normalization factor to set the average player in that facet of the game to 0.


The Bears’ ability to keep Browns receiver Josh Gordon from making any kind of significant impact – his last-minute touchdown grab notwithstanding – on Sunday was more than noteworthy. Cornerback Tim Jennings deserves a lot of credit, but plenty of Bears were in coverage, according to PFF, when it came to holding Jordan, the NFL’s leading receiver, in check.


The Browns were able to put some considerable pressure on quarterback Jay Cutler, but he consistently found a way to elude it and complete passes. In fact, Cutler, in his first full game in two months, handled the pressure very well when it came to PFF’s reviews.

Compiled with Adam Jahns