Cutler wants to stay, "but you never know"

Written By Sun-Times Wire Posted: 12/30/2013, 06:50pm

The season’s over, but Jay Cutler’s contract season is beginning.

On his ESPN1000 radio show Monday night, the Bears quarterback reiterated that he wanted to stay with the Bears, but acknowledged that he could likely make more money by signing with a new NFL team.

“I don’t care what position you play,” he said, “If you hit the open market, you’re probably going to get more as a free agent, ’cause they over-pay.

“You’ll have a couple teams lobbying.

“If that’s your goal, you’re gonna get as much money as you possibly can, but from somewhere else. ….

“Of course you’re gonna take a little bit less (to stay), just from not moving, having to relocate … learning new plays, learning new teammates.”

Cutler could be given the franchise tag, though the cost of more than $16 million for one season is difficult for the Bears to rationalize.

The quarterback said coach Marc Trestman’s offense and skill position players such as Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery and Matt Forte make the Bears an attractive landing spot.

“If you polled quarterbacks throughout the league, everyone’s gonna want to come here … Why wouldn’t you want to play here?” he said. “It’d be fun to stay here. Obviously I want to stay here. But you never know how it’s gonna go.”

Any decision won’t be made this week; Cutler said agent Bus Cook never discussed contracts with general manager Phil Emery during the season, and that Cutler is leaving town on vacation with his wife later this week.

He said he didn’t play “well enough” in Sunday’s loss to the Packers, saying his 1-8 record against the Bears’ rivals “is what it is; I wish it was better.”

He also joked about Shea McClellin’s controversial roughness penalty against Pro Bowler Aaron Rodgers. He said, were he the quarterback, officials wouldn’t have called the penalty.

“Wouldn’t have been close to a flag,” he said.