Interactive graphic: Pro Football Focus rates Jay Cutler's 2013 season

Written By Sun-Times Wire Posted: 01/02/2014, 11:09am

Pro Football Focus, which nearly a third of the NFL subscribes to, has a complex grading process, looking at every player on every offensive, defensive and special-teams play. Plus or minus grades are given and are based around an average of 0, with each position graded slightly differently. If a player does something you normally would expect, then a score of 0 is given. Grades are given for plays that are reasonably considered to be better or worse than the average or expected play. For the final grade, player participation is factored in, using a normalization factor to set the average player in that facet of the game to 0.

It’s the multi-million dollar question
Is Jay Cutler worth a 7-year deal? Here’s a look at how he ranked in 2013, according to Pro Football Focus. He did finish as a top 10 QB, according to their rating system.

Good news: Statistically, he’s gotten better every year with the Bears, according to PFF, even despite dealing with a severely challenged offensive line and lack of continuity at offensive coordinator. Here’s one somewhat interesting, and also depressing fact: In 2010, Rex Grossman (-1.9 overall rating), Caleb Hanie (0.7 overall rating), and Tim Tebow (3.6 rating) all scored better than Cutler. So he’s come a long way.