Divvy bike system skids on snow

Written By Sun-Times Wire Posted: 01/02/2014, 12:39pm

On my way into work Thursday, squinting into face fulls of snow, I thought, “Oh, the weather’s so lousy, I should ride a Divvy bike just to, you know, have done it.”

As it turned out, I had forgotten my Divvy fob, which was just as well, because Divvy didn’t want us riding anyway.

To protect idiots such as me from ourselves, Divvy announced that it would shut down the citywide bike share system at 12 noon Thursday.

“Due to the weather, we will temporarily close Divvy,” it wrote, in an email to members, ”to protect the safety of our members and staff.”

It said that anyone who had already taken a bike out could return it to any station.

As far as when it will be back in business, “we’re going to keep an eye on the weather to determine when is appropriate to re-open,” Elliot Greenberger, a Divvy spokesperson.

Divvy noted that in December 45,000 Divvy trips — the actual figure is 44,693 — were taken on the popular blue bicycles.

Members pay $75 a year to use the system so, no doubt there will be someone who feels due 20 cents for every day while the system is suspended. No word on class action lawsuits yet, but we’ll keep you posted. No word yet on how Divvy plans to address that issue.