Dude Products lends a wipe to Leo Burnett after 'poop' rain incident

Written By Sun-Times Wire Posted: 01/08/2014, 03:57pm

The day after Leo Burnett employees made a splash on social media by posting photos and videos of what they described as a “poo eruption” raining from the ceiling of their Chicago offices, the dudes at Dude Products decided to “lend a wipe.”

Sean Riley of Dude Products said the team dropped off a package of the Chicago-based start-up’s first products, Dude Wipes, Wednesday at Leo Burnett.

Inside was a note:

Leo Burnett Dudes,

We heard you had a shitty day. Don’t worry we’ve all been there. Here’s some Dude Wipes for the office so it never happens again.

– The Dudes

For the record, Leo Burnett tweeted yesterday that was not poop raining from its ceilings, but “dust and water” from a pipe burst.

The man version of baby wipes also can be used to clean up faces, hands, armpits and “dude regions,” according to Dude Products.

No word how they work for offices. Or crappy impressions made on social media.