Prelude to a Dan Rutherford campaign spot

Written By Sun-Times Wire Posted: 01/09/2014, 11:19pm

GOP Gubernatorial candidate Dan Rutherford’s campaign released an expertly shot web video this week where the Illinois Treasurer vows to make jobs his number one goal.

The video, a prelude to what future ads might look like, stays upbeat and away from mud slinging in the four-way primary. It’s thin on issues but gives you a snapshot of the candidate’s homegrown background, including that his family ran a pizza place when he was younger.

Puff video? Of course. But outside of Bruce Rauner’s “Shake Up Springfield” ad campaign, this is the first peek we’ve had into what other candidates may have to offer up in the run-up to the March 18 primary.

Some of the conversations between Rutherford and business owners or factory workers are a bit awkward. But cut down to 30-second videos for ads with a voiceover, there’s potential.

See for yourselves: