Easter egg in Old Spice Super Bowl ad yields two tickets to curious fan

Written By Sun-Times Wire Posted: 01/30/2014, 08:26am

There’s a reason why all commercials, movies and television shows use numbers with a 555 prefix — because they’re all fake and will prevent people from calling them and harassing the person on the other end.

But what happens when a real number shows up, like in Old Spice’s Super Bowl commercial slated to run on Sunday?

The leaked ad surfaced on Mashable.

“I saw this girl giving out her number to a guy in the commercial; turned out it was a real number, so I called it,” said Scott Knowlton, a Buzz:60 producer who was researching commercials for a possible story.

And he’s very happy he called. It was all a genius marketing ploy by Old Spice and Knowlton won two tickets to Sunday’s game by being the first person to call.