Girls! Watch for GoldieBlox ad during Super Bowl

Written By Sun-Times Wire Posted: 01/31/2014, 12:45pm

Yes, there are a lot of commercials that’ll air during the Super Bowl. But keep an eye out for the one for GoldieBlox. The Chicago-based, woman-owned company garnered one of the coveted free ads that will air during Sunday’s game. The 30-second spot i— which costs a reported $4 million— is scheduled to run in the third quarter, according to CNN.

GoldieBlox makes building toys and books that are aimed at getting girls interested in engineering and science. They’re educational AND fun and they teach girls about building, but come at it from a female perspective. Check the toys out; they’re available at Target and Toys R Us stores. (Personally, I like the the story/toy where GoldieBlox builds a dunk tank so she can give her water-phobic dog, Nacho, a bath.)

The Super Bowl is pretty testosterone heavy. What a breath of fresh air to have something so female-centric with the GoldieBlox ad. Make sure your girls catch it. Who knows, that spot could be the start of some young girl’s engineering career. One can only hope!

— Sue Ontiveros