Is Derrick Rose the best point guard in the NBA?

Written By Sun-Times Wire Posted: 10/16/2013, 09:05am


Back in July, Derrick Rose made headlines when he was asked who he felt was the best player in the NBA.

His response? “Derrick Rose,’’ the former MVP said.

Love the confidence.

It might not be factual, but definitely not lacking in confidence.

No, the best player in the NBA is LeBron James, and there is no close second. As a matter of fact, is Rose even the best point guard in the NBA heading into the regular season?

That question is very debatable.


5. Stephen Curry – Golden State – Curry edges out Brooklyn’s Deron Williams from the simple standpoint that the next time Williams makes anyone around him better will be the first. Williams is a coach-killer, while Curry is a coaching dream. He has transformed himself from pure shooter to deadly scoring point guard.


4. Russell Westbrook – Oklahoma City – Athletic and quick, Westbrook’s ability was missed in the playoffs last season, and the Thunder were given a quick exit because of it.


3. Derrick Rose – Chicago – The 2010-11 MVP has a lot to prove. So far so good this preseason, as Rose looks to have put the torn ACL in the rearview mirror. If his jump shot has the range that Rose now claims it has, he will be the No. 1 point guard in the league by December.


2. Tony Parker – San Antonio – All he does is win.


1. Chris Paul – Los Angeles Clippers – Can do it all – score, pass, make teammates better and defend. Paul is the standard in all-around point guard play.