Larry King reconnects with memory of old pal Harry Caray

Written By Sun-Times Wire Posted: 11/09/2013, 11:08pm

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While in town for the Radio Hall of Fame events and inductions, Larry King and Charlie Steiner (being inducted for his long run as Dodgers’ announcer) lunched at Harry Caray’s on Kinzie. King, long a close pal of Steiner, was the one introducing the veteran broadcaster for his big night. The duo lunched with the Blackhawks’ CEO John McDonough and Jay Blunk and then posed for photos with the Harry Caray statue. King was thrilled to get his own Hawks jersey with “KING” and the number “1” emblazoned on the back.

Turns out, King was a huge Caray fan — telling the eatery’s staff he had him on his long-running CNN show many times.

While in the Kinzie Street restaurant, King also made a point of checking out the remains of the Bartman Ball and the Andrew Shaw stitches recently purchased by Harry Caray’s CEO Grant DePorter.