Video: Woman rides Divvy bike on Lake Shore Drive

Written By Sun-Times Wire Posted: 11/13/2013, 02:21pm

Divvy Bikes, the now ubiquitous, sort of, sharable bikes in Chicago are good for lots of things.

They’re great for getting around the city, says Neil Steinberg.

They’re great for getting you free Chipotle.

They’re even great for getting Richard Roeper’s goat.

They’re even suitable, to a point, for BMX trickery.

Know what they’re not so great for? Let’s start with riding on Lake Shore Drive, as seen in this nearly unbelievable, and NSFW, video from YouTube (and no, it’s not cool that she’s being called names or being helped, if needed, to get off LSD). Since Divvy’s launched, there has been much discussion of the safety of the program. Do we need training? Should helmets be mandated? Are tourists physically able to resist riding on the sidewalks?

All excellent questions. But let’s maybe simplify and throw a warning sticker on the bikes: NO RIDING ON EXPRESSWAYS

Cycling in Chicago is a fantastic endeavor. It’s great exercise and a quick and easy way to get around what can often be our maddening traffic. The ridiculous war over driver’s rights vs. cyclists rights aside, there are numerous reasons cycling in the city is more than a worthwhile decision.

And yes, I am a consistent bike commuter who enjoys the benefits and routinely laments stupidity, four-wheeled, two-wheeled and on foot we all have to fight through daily. But come on. Lake Shore Drive?

[h/t @MelissaKlauda]