Just a video of Michael Jordan playing beer pong on some guy's wedding day

Written By Sun-Times Wire Posted: 11/13/2013, 03:05pm

Not entirely sure what to make of this, but here we are. TMZ has uncovered a clip of (someone who looks an awful lot like) Michael Jordan playing beer pong with what they say is a groom on his wedding day in Miami. Jordan reportedly lost the game.

Things take a turn for the meta as “Ni**** in Paris” plays in the background. The lyric “Jackson, Tyson, Jordan, Game Six,” blasts over the stereo, leading a bunch of bros to stare longingly into Michael’s eyes while they sing out loud.

Still not entirely sure what happened here, but beating Michael Jordan in beer pong and yelling out “GAME SIX” to his face makes for one hell of a wedding story.

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[Via TMZ]