Jon Stewart attacks Chicago via the Willis Tower, deep dish pizza and hot dogs

Written By Sun-Times Wire Posted: 11/14/2013, 07:48am

Jon Stewart, this is war.

The his of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show started the show’s second segment Wednesday night with a light-hearted poke at Chicago for losing the Willis Tower’s title of tallest building in the country to New York’s 1 World Trade Center, including a swipe at Rahm Emanuel – who got “a bit salty” at the loss – and a jab that New York “already gave you guys murder capital of the United States.”

Fine, we’re over it.

But things then got much, much uglier. Stewart began an animated, heated rant against our pizza – deep dish, Chicago style pizza, to be exact. It’s an age-old argument: Chicago’s filling pie or New York’s greasy, flimsy wedges. Stewart, a New Jersey native, went all in for New York. Said Stewart, among other things:

“Deep dish pizza is not only not better than New York pizza … it’s not pizza.”

Not satisfied to merely trash our pizza, he even target Chicago’s hot dog, preferring the New York dirt water rat steaks to our delicious working man’s meals.

A look at the back-and-forth Stewart caused on Twitter – some NSFW:

So which is it, folks? Chicago or New York style? Click your choice below. Or leave a comment defending your favorite pie:

Which is better pizza? Chicago style or New York?