Happy Saturday: Naked "goddess of the train" causes delays on the Red Line

Written By Sun-Times Wire Posted: 11/16/2013, 04:32pm

Sun-Times file photo

Such an innocent announcement of minor delays on the Red Line. What caused it? Our friends at Chicago Now have the story:

A nude woman claiming to be the “goddess of the train” halted southbound Red Line service for a short time early Saturday afternoon until police could escort her off to jail at the Granville station.

The “goddess” said she was going to the front car to drive the train and told everyone else to get off, according to Anne, who shared these photos.

Naturally, people on the train were tweeting up a storm.


It’s worth pointing out this story comes the day after an interesting Twitter conversation between the CTA and Tribune reporter Peter Nickeas, in which Peter asks why the CTA doesn’t provide more specific information about delays.

In this case, a tweet citing a “naked Red Line goddess” wouldn’t come across as very believable.

[ViaChicago Now]