Cutler: I'll be out at least one more week

Written By Sun-Times Wire Posted: 11/18/2013, 05:27pm

Jay Cutler will miss at least one more week because of a left high-ankle sprain  — but doesn’t sound confident he’ll be able to return Dec. 1 against the Vikings.

The Bears quarterback said the Vikings game was “kinda the timeframe I was thinking,” but that he also has ligament problems that might slow his return.

“A couple ligaments we’re a little bit worried about that’s different than a normal high-ankle sprain,” he said Monday on ESPN1000 AM.

He said he had a better feel for his return when he would return after suffering a torn left groin one month ago.

Cutler is wearing a hard cast that’s been removed a few times per week to check on his progress. He will undergo ARP therapy — the same that hastened his groin return — on Tuesday.

“If I just had a normal high ankle sprain I wouldn’t be in a cast,” he said.