Bears' playoff picture: A look at remaining strength of schedule

Written By Sun-Times Wire Posted: 11/19/2013, 12:03pm

While Bears fans may be counting on a collapse down the stretch by the Detroit Lions, odds are Marc Trestman’s Bears are going to need an 11-5 record to make the playoffs.

That’s not totally out of the question, considering that as of now, the Eagles (6-5) are the only team the Bears will face with a winning record. While they do have a soft schedule the rest of the way, the Lions have the easiest road to the playoffs out of the 10 NFC teams vying for one of the six postseason spots. Like the Bears, the Eagles are the only winning team on the Lions’ schedule, but they also have the benefit of playing the Buccaneers and Vikings, both of which are 2-8.

Here’s a closer look at the playoff contenders’ strength of schedule: