R. Kelly's new album touts provocative cover art

Written By Sun-Times Wire Posted: 11/19/2013, 03:38pm

Let the Twitter discussions begin!

It’s no secret that Kels is releasing new album “Black Panties” on December 10. Judging from the song titles, one of which cannot be published here, it’ll be a very sexy affair. Obviously, the album jacket images are also quite, er, racy. Ahem.

leggs r kelly RK_BP_DLUX_EXPL_Cover

These super sexy images won’t be on sale everywhere. A CD with a “cleaner” version of the image will be available at stores that police such things.

Nearly naked women are not new in the world of album covers. 2 Live Crew did some of the same with “As Nasty As They Wanna Be.” And so did Jimi Hendrix with “Electric Ladyland” or Cameo with “Cardiac Arrest.” But that was way back in 1996. And in 1968. And in 1973. More recently, Rollins Band’s “Nice” was pretty sexy as well, what with the naked lady playing with cash against a red backdrop.

Those covers are so risque in fact, that you probably shouldn’t Google them from your work computer. You’ve been warned.

- Adrienne Samuels Gibbs