Consumers have an extra week to sign-up for "Obamacare" health insurance

Written By Sun-Times Wire Posted: 11/22/2013, 03:28pm

You’ve got a little more time to look for a health insurance plan.

The Health and Human Services today announced that the deadline for open enrollment for purchasing health insurance had been extended to Dec. 23, to have coverage kick in on Jan. 1.

The original deadline was Dec. 15 for Jan. 1 coverage, though the end of the six-month open enrollment period for 2014 remains March 31.

HHS spokeswoman Julie Bataile said that “the decision was made in consultation with insurers, who assured the government that they will be able to enroll those customers by the beginning of the new year. Those consumers must pay their first month’s premium by Dec. 31 to have the policy take effect,” USA today reported.

The federal government also said they’re on track to having the troubled website — where people from Illinois and most other states are supposed to shop for insurance — working for most user by the end of November.

People who qualify for Medicaid can sign up at anytime.

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