Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher: 'I feel like I'm getting better every week'

Written By Sun-Times Wire Posted: 11/01/2012, 01:31pm

For Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher, this is as good as it’s going to get.

urlacher54x.jpgAfter sitting out most of training camp because of his knee, Urlacher has played in every regular-season game for the Bears. And, he’s starting to look more and more like his old self as the weeks go by.

“I feel like I’m getting better every week,” said Urlacher, who sprained the medial collateral and posterior cruciate ligaments in his left knee in the regular-season finale last year and underwent arthroscopic surgery August, on Thursday.

“The more I’m out there, the better I’m going to get. Just seeing plays, I missed a lot of time during training camp. You don’t get to see the plays, you don’t realize how rusty you get. So the more I see them, the better I’ll get.”

Urlacher is starting to move better on the field. In the Bears’ come-from-behind victory Sunday against the Carolina Panthers, Urlacher jumped fairly high to deflect a pass by Cam Newton. He has been credited with 51 total tackles, three tackles for loss and six pass breakups this season.

Is he 100 percent?

“Yeah, I’m there. As 100 percent as I’m going to get,” Urlacher said. “Especially seven games in, I don’t think anyone is 100 percent in this league. I’m as close as I’m going to get.”