Nick Roach had a scope and returned in weeks

Written By Sun-Times Wire Posted: 08/14/2012, 05:52pm

Bears linebacker Nick Roach isn’t at all concerned about Brian Urlacher returning in time for the season opener.

In 2010, Roach underwent a scope in his left knee in the last week of August and returned in time for the season opener two and a half weeks later.

“I had some loose cartilage moved around, and I was good to go after that,” Roach said. “It took a couple weeks for me. It’s been good ever since.”

Asked if he had any concern that Urlacher would miss more than a couple weeks, Roach said, “No, I don’t have any fear in that at all.”

Roach had been dealing with discomfort in his left knee, and he underwent surgery but returned in time for the 2010 season opener against the Detroit Lions on Sept. 12. Roach and the team decided it would be better to miss a few weeks than play less than 100 percent for the whole season.