Josh McCown open to returning to Bears

Written By Sun-Times Wire Posted: 08/31/2012, 06:56pm

Hours after being informed of his release, Josh McCown gathered his belongs, booked a flight and traveled to Charlotte.

He had a football game to help coach.

McCown landed in Charlotte Friday evening, and he headed toward Marvin Ridge High School’s football game.

“They’re 0-2, and they’ve gone through some lumps, and I’m going through a change in my plans,” McCown told the Sun-Times, “so we can both benefit from each other.”

McCown was admittedly surprised when he was told of his release Friday morning.

“I understand this business, and I understand some of those moves have to be made,” McCown said. “But, it’s a bummer because I feel like this is a very good team. You put a lot of work into being a part of the team. I wish I could be a part of it. But I’m still rooting for them.”

McCown said he is still open to playing, although any opportunity isn’t necessarily dependent on playing time.

“It depends on the situation,” he said, before mentioning his being open to returning to the Bears. “Just a lot of love for those guys, and that team and organization, so if something works out, that would be great. I think they’re doing something special. And not very often do you get to be a part of something like that. It would be an honor to jump back in and help them.”

McCown, though, is proud of his performance against the Cleveland Browns, leading the Bears to s 28-20 win.

“First, you want to win the game, then some fundamental things. I was pleased with it,” he said. “I felt good about it.”