Low blow: Chicago teachers strike below the belt

Written By Sun-Times Wire Posted: 09/11/2012, 10:06am

UPDATE: The mayor’s office actually responded to this news, assuring us that Rahm does not, in fact, like Nickelback.

The first Chicago teachers strike in a quarter century began just yesterday but already is getting downright dirty.

To wit: this protest sign captured and posted on Twitter


Poor Nickelback. The lunk-headed alt-rockers (“How You Remind Me,” “Someday”) have become the butt of countless jokes in recent years — their very name coming to symbolize all that is mainstream, lame and dumb.

No doubt Creed was very thankful when they came along.

The word “nickelback” is defined on the crowd-sourced Urban Dictionary variously as “the effect of becoming tremendously successful despite having no talent what so ever,” “a tool used to make one’s ears bleed” and “the source of ALL evil.”

When the Canadian group was scheduled to play during halftime at the game between the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers last year in Detroit, an online petition to have them removed from the gig went viral. It was unsuccessful, though, and the band took to the field — to a half-hearted mix of applause and boos.

Earlier this year, the band took to fighting back against the jokes on Twitter, which didn’t last and (shock) didn’t go well.

It must be just a matter of time before other signs appear on the line, like “Rahm to CTU: Call me, maybe” and “Rahm: Somebody that we used to know.”

At the very least, I encourage all CTU strikers to enliven the marching by watching this tutorial on how to horse-dance like PSY …

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