READ JAY'S LIPS ... or better yet, don't!

Written By Sun-Times Wire Posted: 09/13/2012, 11:32pm

0ap1000000062035.jpgGREEN BAY, Wis. – And now a word from Jay Cutler to his lineman J’Marcus Webb … earmuffs kids.

The Bears quarterback was caught by cameras dressing down Webb on the sidelines of Thursday night’s game, and even chest-bumping the left tackle after telling him “get your f—– head into the game.”

Cutler couldn’t avoid getting sacked by the Packers seven times in the 23-10 loss, and he definitely wasn’t avoiding questions about publicly calling out an offensive line that he’s taken numerous shots at since last May.

“I care about this,” Cutler said of the incident with Webb. “This isn’t just a hobby for me. If we’re not doing things the right way, I’m going to say something. If they want a quarterback that doesn’t care then they better get someone else.”

Webb downplayed things as best he could.

“It’s an emotional game and things happen, and things get said, and you move on and go onto the next play,” Webb said. “Uh, take it for what it is.”

Asked about it being more than just some “friendly advice” from Cutler, Webb said, “[He was] saying, ‘Let’s move this ball, let’s get this touchdown.’ Positive.”

It was the week leading up to the Colts game that Cutler last called out the offensive line, turning a question about the improved weapons around him into an “or else” on the shoulders of the offensive line.

“We can only do as much as they can handle,” Cutler said of his offensive line. “If they can only block three-step drops, we can only throw three-step passes. We’re limited to what they can do and as of now, they’ve been holding up really well.

“We’ve got some guys that can play football on the outside. There’s no doubt about that. It’s gonna hopefully make my job easier; being able to get them the ball, let them work. Up front I think the guys know that there’s some pressure on them because Matt Forte can run if we give him holes. If I get the guys the ball on the outside and we hold up enough time we can make some good plays. So it’s gonna be fun to watch.”

Or in the case of Webb on Thursday night, fun to tear down and scream at on national television.