Video: Was St. Louis' shootout goal vs. Hawks legal?

Written By Sun-Times Wire Posted: 03/09/2011, 10:53pm

TAMPA, Fla. — Here’s the video of Martin St. Louis’ shootout game-winner on Hawks goalie Corey Crawford Wednesday at St. Pete Times Forum.

Did he or didn’t he stop? It’s debatable. I believe “continuation” is the word used when officials decide whether certain scores are good during spin-o-rama moves.

From Rule 25.2: The spin-o-rama type move where the player completes a 360 turn as he approaches the goal, shall be permitted as this involves continuous motion.

There’s no denying that it was a spectacular move by St. Louis. But the question is whether that “continuous motion” came to an end. It’s close — very close.

Here’s a video of it and some comments from the Hawks on it:

Corey Crawford:

“It was pretty close. He looked like he maybe stopped for a second and then kept going. They think they made the right decision. We just have to live with that.”

Jonathan Toews:

“When I saw the original play, you can still see his left foot moving forward. It looked all right to me. But you want to argue it as much as you can there’s evidence there to call it back. But it sucks. We had three great shooters in the shootout and we couldn’t get it done.”

Coach Joel Quenneville:

“I need an explanation on that last goal in the shootout. That’s something where I need somebody to tell me exactly what the rule is. You can’t lose your forward motion and momentum. It looked like it was a complete stop.”