Kane becomes 'Joe Dirt' with mullet

Written By Sun-Times Wire Posted: 04/16/2010, 05:11pm

Patrick Kane’s mullet continues to garner attention – and new nicknames for the Hawks winger.

“Joe Dirt has been coming out a lot,” Kane said. “That’s the name around here. It’s almost like you hear ‘Hey Joe!’ in the locker room today and you got to look — that’s for me.”

The idea behind the mullet, which Kane added “steps” to above both ears, is to keep thing loose in the dressing room during the playoffs.

“Anything for the boys in here, to get a laugh,” Kane said. “I don’t know if too many people thought it was a joke. People were looking at me like ‘Is he serious with that haircut or is that just a joke?’ I tried to add the steps in there to solidify that it is a joke.

“Sometimes, it’s fun to do something for the playoffs like this. If it’s not working for the team or myself than I’m going to have to do something different.”

Kane’s family doesn’t like it too much. He sent pictures of it to his mother and sisters and they showed their dislike for it immediately.

“Within five minutes they called me: ‘What are you doing? Shave it off! Get it of it right now!’ ” Kane said.