Bulls deny daring LeBron to shoot

Written By Sun-Times Wire Posted: 04/21/2010, 01:34pm

Apparently another thing LeBron James has in common with Michael Jordan is the ability to invent things to motivate him.

Following his torrid 16-for-23 shooting display in Game 2, the Cleveland Cavaliers star said he was egged on by the Bulls’ bench.

“They were talking the whole game,” James said. “Every time I caught the ball over there [by the Bulls' bench], they were daring me to shoot the ball, telling me that I couldn’t shoot or ‘You can’t make jump shots, so take the shot.’ So that’s what I did.”

Great story. Except, the Bulls say it never happened.

“I have a lot of respect for LeBron and think he’s a great player,” Bulls guard Jannero Pargo said. “But there was no one telling him to shoot. We were talking to our guys, like Luol [Deng], telling them to get up on [James].”