The hunt for undrafted gems begins

Written By Sun-Times Wire Posted: 04/24/2010, 03:39pm

Just because the Bears have made their final selection in the 2010 NFL Draft doesn’t mean they are done acquiring talent.

Several sources said team scouts have been more vigilant than ever when it comes to blanketing the country in search of potential rookie free agents. They also said the team has gone to great lengths to ensure nobody knows which players they covet to prevent other teams from snatching them up.

The added emphasis on signing undrafted players is likely related to the Bears surrendering first and second-round picks for Jay Cutler and the late Gaines Adams.

In many ways, the real work begins when the draft ends. That’s when front-office personnel will start making frantic calls, trying to convince potential free agents and their representatives to sign with them instead of another team.