Madden simulation says Saints will beat Colts 35-31 in Super Bowl

Written By Sun-Times Wire Posted: 02/04/2010, 07:13am

Sad or otherwise, many people in this crazy world turn to the Madden video game franchise when nothing else seems to make sense.

Keep that in mind as we tell you that the good people over at EA Sports have simulated Sunday’s Super Bowl. And despite the fact that Drew Brees led the fake Saints past the fake Colts, 35-31, in the electronic fantasy land, they’ll still play the game in real life.

You know, for the purists.

The simulation had Brees throwing for 299 yards and three touchdowns to take MVP honors. It also had a Reggie Bush taking a punt back for a touchdown.

Before you scoff away the results, consider the fact that EA Sports has correctly picked the Super Bowl winner in five of the last six seasons.