Bears don't have pick for Marshall

Written By Sun-Times Wire Posted: 03/03/2010, 03:09pm

Signing Brandon Marshall will apparently require one thing the Bears don’t have — a first-round draft pick.

ESPN is reporting that the Broncos have placed a first-round tender on their wide receiver, which means that while he’s free to sign with another team, the Broncos have the right to match the offer and if they don’t will receive a first-round pick in return.

The Bears, as everybody who reads this blog knows, don’t have a first round pick this year because they sent it to the Broncos along with Kyle Orton for Jay Cutler.

It also looks like a certain NFL agent owes me a steak dinner (actually, I never accepted the wager that I wrote about in the analysis that ran in Wednesday’s editions).

The Bears could still get Marshall if some other team signed him and then traded him to Chicago but that seems highly unlikely. Theoretically, the Broncos could re-sign him and trade him to the Bears for a first- or second-round pick next year, which is even more far fetched.

The decision by the Broncos means Marshall has likely played his last game in Denver. Had they wanted to keep him, they would’ve used the highest possible tender, which would’ve required first-and third-round picks as compensation.