Alex Herrmann, the autistic kid with perfect bracket, no longer has perfect bracket

Written By Sun-Times Wire Posted: 03/26/2010, 05:52am

Earlier this week, we were shocked to find out that, after all of the upsets in this year’s NCAA Tournament, there was a perfect bracket out there.

After Thursday’s play, there isn’t.

Alex Herrmann, the 17-year-old autistic prognosticator from Glenbrook South High School, saw his flawless-guessing streak go by the wayside when Butler dismissed Syracuse with an upset victory in Salt Lake City. He did, however, manage to accurately pick Kansas State, West Virginia and Kentucky to advance.

Herrmann, bless his heart, has Purdue winning it all, so it was really only a matter of time before this feel-good story reached the end of its road.

The Internet has been abuzz with a good deal of doubt over this story, and really, for good reason. The odds of going 48-for-48 through the opening two rounds is one in 13,460,000. Herrmann entered his bracket on’s Bracket Manager, which does allow users to change their picks after games are completed. The teen’s family insists this isn’t what’s going on. The good people over at NBC Chicago placed a call to the Herrmann home last night, but it wasn’t returned.

Tonight, Alex likes Northern Iowa, Tennessee, Purdue and Baylor to win.