Rick Pitino lashes out at the media during news conference

Written By Sun-Times Wire Posted: 08/26/2009, 02:49pm
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Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino lashed out at the media this afternoon at a press conference this afternoon, accusing them of reporting lies.

Recently, Pitino has been embroiled in a legal controversy after Karen Sypher was charged with trying to extort millions from him after the two had a sexual encounter six years ago. He called the conference after a local television station aired footage of Sypher’s testimony to police about the night of the incident.

“I am a little upset,” Pitino said. “This is a
day I went home to comfort my wife, who obviously you would imagine the
last seven months has had a difficult time.

“.. . It’s a pretty sad day. On a day when Ted Kennedy died, we broke into news here in Louisville with Karen Sypher tapes.”

Pitino lashes out at media for reporting ‘lies’     (USA Today)