All Chicago sports teams are above average, while the Detroit Lions continue to be last in every contest

Written By Sun-Times Wire Posted: 03/06/2009, 12:46pm

The good people over at Bizjournals have painstakingly analyzed the
performances of all 122 teams in the four major professional leagues –
using a complex algorithm we have no intention of ever understanding. You can check out the findings here.

All four of Chicago’s franchises are in the top half of the rankings, the Cubs topping the quartet at No. 8.

  • Cubs are No. 8
  • Blackhawks are No. 23
  • White Sox are No. 43
  • Bulls are No. 45

The Boston Celtics are No. 1 and — to the surprise of absolutely no one — The Detroit Lions are dead last.

Celtics rank as best in pro sports, Lions come in last     (Bizjournals)