Is the NHL tougher than the NFL? The video debate.

Written By Sun-Times Wire Posted: 03/31/2009, 09:10pm

What’s more physical — the NHL or the NFL? The question seems simple enough, but the answer is far from it.

The debate was recently roused when a Sixty Feet, Six Inches blog post argued for the puckheads, and the Big Lead offered its retort, taking the side of the gridiron.

Clearly, arguments could be made for both sides.

For one, fighting is allowed in hockey, and brawls do happen. Take the Blackhawks-Canucks game on Sunday night. Toothless grins are common, and life-threatening injuries do occur. (Just watch this).

Football has its blindside hits, its piles, its helmet-to-helmet contact, and its fair share of freak injuries too.

Studies have also shown that NFL players lose two or three years of their life expectancy for every season played, and that the damage done to linemen’s brains every game is like sitting in a small car and colliding with another small car 40 to 50 times a day.

But I also know that ice is harder than grass — or any other artificial surface being used out there — and that a stick to the face doesn’t feel good.

Then again, Lance Briggs is a lot more imposing than say … Patrick Kane, although hockey does have its bruisers out there (Derek Boogaard, George Laraque, etc.)

All points considered, it doesn’t take a genius to know that hockey and football are easily the two most violent sports of the four major ones in America. And that both sports are praised for it.

But as far as which one is more violent, or physical, or brutal, watch this video and see if you can decide.