Jason Caffey, former Bull, father of 10, is having a rough post-NBA career

Written By Sun-Times Wire Posted: 10/29/2008, 07:57am
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Asked by Christian Laettner during the 1997 Eastern Conference semi-finals how many children he hoped to one day father, Jason Caffey used his hands to answer. (Sun-Times photo)

Unless you were a superfan of the Bulls championship run during the 90s or one of eight women who bore any of his 10 children, the name Jason Caffey probably doesn’t ring a bell.

Caffey won two championships with the Bulls as a reserve power forward, but oh how times have changed. As my grandmother used to say, “Where there is laughter soon will be tears.”

Most recently, the AP is reporting that Caffey cannot file for bankruptcy, which opens the door for the eight mothers of his 10 children to sue him for child support.

This isn’t the first of Caffey’s legal woes, which include an assault charge in 2005 for rendering a male stripper, “too emotional to strip,” according to Deadspin.

Earlier this month, Caffey granted an interview to WKRG in Mobile, Ala. shortly after serving an eight-day jail sentence for failure to pay child support for one of his kids. His explanation included: “It’s never that I didn’t send child support it’s just that I didn’t send the amount that was said to be sent by the courts.”

But wait … there’s more.

When CNN’s Nancy Grace is forced to make a flow chart (A FLOW CHART!) of your exploits, it’s bad:

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