Barack, Michelle Obama at the White House with President, Laura Bush. Robert Gibbs met with Dana Perino

Written By Sun-Times Wire Posted: 11/10/2008, 02:41pm

WASHINGTON–The Obamas met the Bushes on Monday, taking separate tours of the White House, while Obama communications chief huddled in the West Wing with White House Press Secretary Dana Perino.

The Obamas arrived at the White House near 2 p.m. flying from Chicago on a chartered American Airlines flight. After about a visit lasting less than two hours–as much symbolic as substance–Barack Obama motorcaded back to Reagan National Airport to return to Chicago while Michelle Obama remains in the city.

At the White House, the Obamas were greeted by Rear Admiral Stephen Rochon, the director of the Executive Residence and the Chief Usher. The big shot was of the President and the President-elect walking down the colonade here towards the Oval Office.

While the principles were meeting, White House Press Secretary Dana Perino met for about 40 minutes in her West Wing office always occupied by the chief spokesman. Gibbs is likely to be the next occupant of that office.

After that, the couple split; Obama with Bush, and Michelle with Laura Bush.