On "The View," Michelle Obama makes pantyhose confession.

Written By Sun-Times Wire Posted: 06/18/2008, 11:39am

“The View” host Barbara Walters asked Michelle Obama if she could call her Michelle…and then noting that not all on “The View” is serious, goes to a discussion about panty hose, telling her that is a topic that her co-hosts–Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behr, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Sherri Shepherd–have pondered…

For male readers of this blog, stay with me here…men..do you know that panty hose wearing is a blg deal to women, especially in the summer when it is hot and wearing panty hose is torture…but I digress…Michelle Obama decided to play ball with this one, and she engaged.

“I stopped wearing panty hose a long time ago,” Obama said, “because it was painful and they’d always rip. And I’m 5’11” so I’m tall, nothing fits…Put ‘em on, rip ‘em..it’s inconvenient.”