Can Burger King get too cheesy? And what will Taco Bell answer with?

The burger chain will introduce Cheetos Chicken Fries on Wednesday.

The cheesy chicken strips are Burger King’s Chicken Fries with a Cheetos-flavored breading.

Burger King calls the mashup “dangerously cheesy.”

This is the second mashup for the Cheetos brand and Burger King. Earlier this summer, the chain introduced Mac ‘n Cheetos, creamy mac nā€™ cheese covered with crispy Cheetos flavor.

More recently, Burger King rolled out the “Whopperitto,” which serves up all the fixings of its iconic Whopper sandwich wrapped in an easy-to-handle tortillo.

Food mashups have been a regular thing for Taco Bell.

Taco Bell tested a Cheetos burrito in the Cinncinnati area in August, according to Marketwatch. It’s the usual burrito of rice, meat and cheese with Cheetos added for a little kick.

And who can forget these Taco Bell inventions: the chalupa, the a.m. crunchwrap, the quesarito, the Doritos Locos Tacos and the waffle taco.