Michael Sneed has learned the state’s top cop, Hiram Grau, who has decades long career in Chicago Police enforcement, has resigned from his job.

Word is Grau, a highly respected former member of the CPD’s top brass, will be replaced by Chicago Police commander Leo Schmitz, who currently heads the Englewood Police district. Schmitz, 55, joined the CPD in August, 1986.

Schmitz was selected for the job because of his experience in one of the more rougher districts in the city, a source said.

Sneed also hears Grau, a former Chicago Police deputy superintendent who served nearly four years as head of the Illinois State Police, will be leaving office at the end of the month.

Grau was not forced to resign, the source told Sneed.

In 2013, Supt. Garry McCarthy spoke to the Sun-Times about placing Schmitz–who is white–in the mostly African-American Englewood.

“We promoted Schmitz to deputy chief just to show people how important Englewood is …,” McCarthy said at the time, adding that Schmitz was effective.

“If we tried to get Leo Schmitz out of there right now, I think that they would tar and feather me,” the superintendent said.