A polling place administrator in the Northwest Side’s 39th Ward has been relocated after a discovery that the woman is an employee of that ward’s alderman, Margaret Laurino, according to a the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners.

“It was an oversight,” Board spokesman Jim Allen said Thursday.

The employee, Rosa Kelly, “clearly” listed her employment history on the back of her application with the Board, Allen said.

A supporter of one of Laurino’s opponents, Robert Murphy, recognized Kelly Monday at the polling site — the first day of early voting — and then the Murphy supporter contacted the Board.

“We looked into it and immediately moved the person to another ward,” Allen said, adding, “there are no allegations of improprieties here.”

Laurino could not be reached for comment.

Murphy, a 51-year-old architect making his first run at the office, described the incident as “a huge conflict of interest.”

“It’s like one of the dads of one of the Little League World Series players being the ump, calling balls and strikes,” Murphy said.