A lot can happen in four years — you could fight a World War, attend two Summer Olympics, serve a term as U.S. President, or go from naive college freshman to newly minted graduate.

But if you’re busy Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, you might not find time to speak to Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart. According to Greg Hinz of Crain’s Chicago Business, Dart says he hasn’t spoken with Emanuel since 2011:

” ‘We probably haven’t spoken for four years,’ Dart answered, referring to Emanuel, who he seriously considered running against for mayor in 2011. And he and McCarthy don’t talk much either. “

Hinz’s column is about Dart’s claim that his officers are now patrolling Chicago — and what Hinz calls the city’s “polite” attempts to undermine that story. But Dart’s quote about his four years of non-communication with the Mayor leaps off the page.

While its no secret that the Mayor and the Sheriff aren’t best pals, that’s an awful long time.

Dart can perhaps take solace in the knowledge that Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle doesn’t seem to enjoy the friendliest relationship with the Mayor, either, as evidenced by this memorable interview last year: