Famed actor and comedian Jerry Seinfeld is one of the more famous “big” Mets fan. By “big,” I mean he’s not a fan — he’s a fanatic. No one was more happy when the Mets beat the Cubs 8-3 Wednesday to advance to the World Series.

It may not have happened if he didn’t wear his new favorite pair of shoes.

After the Mets’ sweep of the Chicago team, Seinfeld posted this video of him celebrating the seconds after the New York win was made final.

In the background, someone yells, “the shoes are going to Cooperstown.”

These Mets-inspired Nike shoes may be lucky, but they won’t reach the baseball Hall of Fame on aesthetic beauty alone.

Honestly, these look like Dad shoes. They aren’t likely to go down as one of the virtuosically crafted foot ware designs Nike is known for, but Seinfeld has a knack of making most fashion statements look stale and uncool.

That being said, Seinfeld is probably one of the most talented people on the planet and probably doesn’t need to be fashionable anyway. But he definitely tries.