Dee Carlson came to the Palace Grill diner near the United Center at lunchtime Wednesday for a cheeseburger, a heap of sweet potato fries and to soak up a little Chicago Blackhawks love.

And like dozens of other folks, she was at the team’s official restaurant for a Blackhawks must-have: A selfie with the diner’s gigantic exterior “We Won the Cup!” mural.

Carlson, who is 71 and lives in Rolling Meadows, isn’t too keen on computer technology. So she takes selfies with a Fuji disposable camera — the kind with real film inside. Often, she must wait an entire hour to see how her photos turned out.

“I’ve been doing selfies with old Instamatics for years,” Carlson said, with the sizzle of frying eggs and the clatter of plates almost drowning her out. “Sometimes I’m not in the picture completely, but it’s ok.”

The original mural went up a few weeks ago, said the diner’s manager, Christina Lemperis. The original read: “We want the cup!” Early Tuesday, it was changed to “We Won the Cup!”

And ever since, Blackhawks fans have been flocking to Palace Grill — for selfies.