SNEED EXCLUSIVE: Mike Ditka on NFL controversy: ‘Just play football’

Mike Ditka chimes in on the NFL protests. | Getty Images

We know where President Donald Trump stands on players taking a knee.

We know the position NFL owners have taken in the national anthem controversy.

So who’s right?

Trump or the owners?

Here’s what Chicago’s most famous football leader thinks about the ongoing issue — particularly when the Bears are playing the rival Packers in Green Bay on Thursday night.

Da Coach Mike Ditka, a vocal fan of Trump’s, tells Sneed: “Listen. I’m too old for this!

“Look. Whoever you think is right, is right.

“But I don’t believe you demonstrate against the American flag. I believe in the American flag. Or demonstrate against the Constitution. I believe in the Constitution. I’m old fashioned. There are other ways to get your point across. But I don’t believe one should demonstrate against our country. Just play football.

“And that’s the way I feel. And now I’d like to go back to my card game.”

Over and out, coach.

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