Bob ‘Better Call Saul’ Odenkirk holds forth on Reddit

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Because Reddit interviews can be confusing to peruse, for your reading convenience we’ve culled the answers Naperville’s favorite son Bob Odenkirk gave during a session earlier Thursday. Odenkirk’s new book, which he’s touring to support, is titled “A Load of Hooey.” Early next year he’ll star in his own series for AMC, the “Breaking Bad” spinoff “Better Call Saul.”

His favorite shows to work on

“The Ben Stiller Show” was a crazy ton of fun. In fact, when it ended I had the very conscious thought that it was the most fun I would or could ever have in showbiz and my goal from that point on would be to try to replicate it. “Mr. Show” could have been more fun if I hadn’t been such a tight-ass, but we still had a ton of laughs.

A life goal he has yet to achieve

I wish I could sing. Like, really sing. Like…people (including me) would actually want to hear it. But I cannot, so I just sing terribly and kind of revel in how reliably awful it sounds. Also, I have a dream of on day doing all the things you’ve given me credit for but better than I’ve done them. Not that I’m ashamed, but…I’d just like to be better at stuff.

What’s on his bucket list and how he feels normal

Uhhh…write something of more significance (and less ironic) than “A Load of Hooey”… maybe something that feels more substantial…uh, go to Scotland and do the Highland Walks with my kids, go to Ireland a couple more times…be a good dad to my kids… I don’t find it hard to feel like a normal person, just go out in the world and walk around.

His favorite performance/actor

Jack Nicholson in “The Last Detail” or Jeff Bridges in “True Grit.”

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