What’s the secret to Valerie Jarrett’s security detail?

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Sneed exclusive . . .

The Valerie shocker . . .

Sneed hears White House Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett, who is this/close to President Barack Obama and his family, may be the worst abuser of her Secret Service security.

As the Secret Service reels from agency bumbling and the forced resignation Wednesday of its director Julia Pierson, two top sources tell Sneed Jarrett uses her security detail to go everywhere with her except the bathroom.

Sneed is told Jarrett, who was assigned round-the-clock personal bodyguards presumably through executive order by Obama in 2009, “practically uses her detail as a valet service,” said a Sneed source.

Is Jarrett, who once employed first lady Michelle Obama before Michelle married Obama, on some sort of excellent adventure at the government’s expense? 

Is Jarrett’s excellent adventure costing the country millions to protect the president’s best friend? Is this expense justifiable or is it an abuse of power?

Sneed is told Jarrett brings her bodyguards everywhere . . . like shopping, the gym, restaurants and visiting friends in Chicago, the source added. 

Such an accusation is shocking in the midst of a recent report the embattled Secret Service — which is charged with protecting the president and his family — is 550 agents below its optimal level.

“Jarrett is treated as a member of the Obama family, but she’s had no real death threats requiring the constant use of the Secret Service that I know of,” another informed source told Sneed.

“The Secret Service is supposed to work off her official schedule, but she seems to put everything on the official schedule.”

Sneed is told Jarrett demanded Secret Service protection shortly after former White House Senior Advisor David Axelrod was assigned a detail of Secret Service agents by Obama in June 2009, when a gunman who attacked the Holocaust museum in Washington was found with personal information about Axelrod. 

The gunman, who killed a security guard with a rifle shot before he was captured, hated Obama but viewed Axelrod, who is Jewish, as a symbol of a Jewish conspiracy controlling the president. 

Axelrod had a full-time detail, which was later reduced  to only cover public events and then stopped when he left the White House in 2011.

So who is the Secret Service authorized by law to protect?

◆ The president, the vice president and their immediate families 

◆ Former presidents and their spouses for their lifetimes; their children until age 16

◆ Visiting heads of foreign states or governments, distinguished foreign visitors to the U.S. and official U.S. representatives performing special missions abroad

◆ Major presidential and vice presidential candidates and their spouses within 120 days of a presidential election 

◆ Other individuals designated per Executive Order of the President

Hello, Valerie. What’s the deal? Sneed can’t wait to hear the answer to this one. She wasn’t returning our calls on Wednesday.


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