Obama checks out hot new Chicago steakery

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President Obama greets diners at RPM Steak Wednesday evening. | Noura Jafa via Twitter

President Obama had only arrived in Chicago Wednesday evening before making a beeline to one of the hottest new Windy City eateries. The Commander-in-Chief headed right to RPM Steak, the new restaurant recently launched by the team of RJ, Jerrod and Molly Melman; chef Doug Psaltis and the high-profile celebrity couple and part-time Chicagoans, Giuliana and Bill Rancic — all also partners in RPM Italian.

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The President walked right through the restaurant’s front door and according to co-owner RJ Melman, “said hello to just about every table in the dining room,”  before heading to RPM Steak’s private room. The president stayed at the restaurant for approximate;y three hours, clearly not rushing through his dinner, and was said to be seen enjoying himself greatly.

Melman got a kick out of the fact President Obama earlier in the day “ate at Joe’s Stone Crab in DC, right before coming to Chicago. So he ate at two Lettuce Entertain You places in one day.

“Very cool day for Lettuce.”

To say the least.

Ironcally, the night before RPM Steak was the dining choice for several people with current or former connections to President Obama and his administration. Spied dining Tuesday were major Obama donor Michael Sacks, joined by close presidential pal Martin Nesbitt (who joined the president Wednesday night) , as well as (separately) former White House social secretary Desiree Rogers.

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