Report: Illinois among the ‘poor’ states for economic performance

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In the latest edition of “Rich States, Poor States,” from the conservative think tank American Legislative Exchange Council, Illinois ranks near the bottom of every major economic category, according to the Council’s calculations.

The chart below shows five of the primary economic measurements for which states are ranked:

Overall Economic Performance is based on three metrics:

State Gross Domestic Product: Measures the growth of each state’s gross state product from 2002-2013

Absolute Domestic Migration:Measures the net migration in population (gain or loss) to or from each state from 2003-2013

Non-Farm Payroll:Measures the change in the number of jobs in each state from 2002-2013

Overall Economic Outlook is based on 15 measurements including various tax rates, the number of public employees as a percent of population, state minimum wage and whether the state is a Right-to-Work state or not.

See the chart for state rankings:

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