In Bush’s new painting, he wanted to ‘get the noses right’

SHARE In Bush’s new painting, he wanted to ‘get the noses right’

Former president George W. Bush has revealed his new portrait, and while it doesn’t include him in the shower or taking bath, like some of his previous ones, this painting includes his father, George H.W. Bush.

Bush was on NBC’s Today on Monday, where he did the big reveal. And he was worried about how the noses would turn out.

“I was very proud to be standing next to a man I admire greatly,” Bush said. “First thing I wanted to make sure is I got the noses right. I’ve tried to paint a gentle soul, and I did it. As for me, I kind of bumbled through.”

In addition to public speaking, Bush has put a considerable amount of time into his paintings, and even had an exhibit devoted to his works.

That hasn’t gone unnoticed by some of his critics, especially Jon Stewart.

“Jimmy Carter’s like 108? He’s out in Africa pulling guinea worms out of children’s feet, trying to cure them,” Stewart said during an interview that aired on CBS News over the weekend. “Bush is at home. ‘Bring me my fruit bowl. Doin’ a still life. Heh heh heh.’”

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